Winclear Review – My Honest and Objective Opinion

Hi! Dennis Mitchell here.

Thanks for checking out my Winclear review. You have come to the right place to get my objective and unbiased review on Winclear’s ability to erase computer history, delete Internet history and provide complete privacy control software functionality. What you are about to read are the ESSENTIAL details you need to know before grabbing a copy of Winclear for recommends Winclear

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Review Summary: Winclear is a solid, effective and efficient Internet privacy software product with the simplest, most straight forward user interface. Simplicity and efficiency combined with strong functionality makes Winclear a very capable Internet privacy tool.

Pros: Winclear has a simple to use, straight forward user interface providing ease of use while effectively cleaning and erasing your Internet and computer history tracks. Winclear found several files that I was totally unaware of on the test machine.

Cons: Winclear provides no file cleaning selection options after the scan is completed. Files selected for scanning will also be cleaned and erased. Winclear does not provide an automatic schedule function for scanning. Scanning and cleaning is started by the user unless it is automatically executed on Windows startup.

Windows Versions Supported: 98 / 2000 / XP / VISTA (Windows 7 is not listed but is usually supported if Windows Vista is supported).

File Scanning Options: Provides the ability a check to include by category and/or item plus the ability to uncheck to exclude by category and/or item.

File Cleaning Options: Cleans items selected for file scanning.

File Shredding Options: Supports all the major requirements.

  1. Random: Overwrite 1 Pass
  2. DOD 5220.22M: Overwrite 3 Passes
  3. NSA: Overwrite 7 Passes
  4. Gutmann: Overwrite 35 Passes

Online Help & Customer Support: Online help is included plus 24/7 email support at no charge.

Click here to visit Winclear’s official website.

Using Winclear:

Winclear is a simple, straight forward and easy to use privacy control software product. While simple to use, it is a very efficient and effective hard drive cleaner to scan, clean and erase your Internet and computer activity records and insure your privacy is protected.

Starting Winclear displays the following simple to use screen. Click “Choose Items” to select or deselect your scan categories and sub-categories. The Items selected for scanning will also be automatically selected for cleaning and erasing without an opportunity to modify the selections. After completing your Item selections, click “Start Scan” to initiate the scanning, cleaning and erasing process.

Winclear Review - Step 1 Using Winclear

After the scan is complete, you are automatically displayed the “Scan Results” screen.

Winclear Review - Step 2 Using Winclear

You may click the “View Details” link in each category and view the specific files that will be removed in the cleaning and erasing process.

Winclear Review - Step 3 Using Winclear

Click the “Close” button to close the detail view and click the “Remove” button to start the cleaning and erasing process. Winclear has four shredding options, the most of any reviewed product. The shredding option selected on the “Options” screen before the scan started will be used to shred the erased files. For the most secure shredding, Winclear uses the Gutmann standard which provides for 35 overwrite passes.

When the erasing process is complete, a “Selected Sections Cleaned” dialog box appears advising you that Winclear has completed its process.

Winclear Review - Step 4 Using Winclear

Bottom Line:

Winclear is an excellent product and I highly recommend it! If you are searching for a simple, easy to use, effective and efficient privacy control software tool, Winclear is the way to go. Simplicity and efficiency combined with strong functionality makes Winclear a very capable hard drive cleaner and Internet history eraser. You will be very satisfied with your selection of Winclear!

Thanks again for visiting my website and reading my Winclear review. I sincerely hope my review added some value to your evaluation and selection process for your privacy control software.


Click here to visit Winclear’s official website.

Privacy Control Software – What Do You Really Need?

Are you worried about protecting your privacy regarding your computer and Internet activities?  With today’s personal computers and operating systems insuring your privacy on your personal computer requires much more than simply performing the computer or Internet history deletion functions.

Today’s computers and operating systems are powerful recorders that trace, track and record everything you do down to the single keystroke from your Internet search and browsing activity to the files you access and modify.  If you want to insure your privacy from another individual’s spying then you should consider getting a privacy control software application.

Privacy control software applications focus on eliminating all traces of your computer activity and insuring deleted files are destroyed and unrecoverable by data recovery software.  A complete privacy control application should satisfy four key functional requirements.

The first key functional requirement is the privacy control application should be easy to install, easy to use and not disturb normal computer operation.  The software application’s installation program should be driven by an installation wizard with limited configuration questions presented to the user.  Once installed, the program should be easy to use with a simple and intuitive interface that steps the user through the actions required to operate the program.  In addition, there should be only one screen for any configuration settings that are required to operate the program.  The configuration settings should be explained in a straight forward, easy to comprehend description.  Operation of the privacy control program should not disturb the operation of other application programs that are currently running.

The second key functional requirement is the privacy software application should have a complete and comprehensive list of computer activities to scan for possible cleaning and deletion.  Typical areas to include for scanning are:

  • Temporary internet files
  • Search and browse history files
  • Internet cache files
  • Internet cookies files
  • Peer to Peer (P2P) activity files
  • Media player activity files
  • Instant messaging and chat history files
  • Online shopping and financial transaction history files
  • File access and retrieval history files

In conjunction with the multiple scanning categories, the privacy control software should provide multiple inclusion and exclusion options for scanning and cleaning at the scan category, sub-category and individual item level.  Having a simple check on and off in a graphical tree diagram is a big plus.

The third key functional requirement is the privacy control software should provide multiple file cleaning, deleting and shredding options that meet government and military standards.  Typically, these standards involve the number of passes performed in the overwriting process to insure the file is unrecoverable by file recovery software applications.  A complete privacy control application will provide one, three or seven overwriting passes, one of which meets DOD 5220.22-M standards.  If it meets the military’s standards it will meet yours!

The fourth and final key functional requirement is the software must include “help” information and 24/7 customer support.  Despite how easy the software may be to use, there will come a time when you have a question that needs to be answered for proper operation of the software.  The privacy control software should provide one key access to help information and troubleshooting tips.  If the help information is not sufficient to resolve your problem, the software developer should provide 24 hour, seven day support in the form of Internet access for frequently asked questions (FAQ), searchable knowledge bases and email communication.  Email communication should be responded to in less than 48 hours.

There are many privacy control software applications available for your selection and purchase.  As you make your evaluation and decision look for how well the privacy control software meets these four key requirements.  If your selected privacy control program provides these key requirements, you can feel confident that your privacy and confidentiality will be secure after the purchase and use of your chosen privacy control software.

Do You Want to Get Burned by Your Internet or Computer History?

After learning about individuals getting embarrassed or compromised by their computer history my goal was to create a Winclear review website for one of the more popular privacy control software products, Winclear.

Burned by your computer history?  What do you mean?  Perhaps you are not aware but your personal computer is one big, powerful recorder of all your computer activity.  Whether you are searching the Internet, browsing the Internet, having chat sessions, sending or receiving files or doing whatever your computer is capturing every keystroke and recording your tracks about where you have been, what you have viewed and what you have done.

Oh, you say that is no big deal.  I’ll just delete my Internet history and temporary computer files with the tools offered by my favorite browser.  Well, think again.  Are you aware that there are numerous visible and hidden files where all this information is written and stored?  Unfortunately, the tools offered by your favorite browser do not erase or eliminate all these files and it’s not all your Internet browser’s fault. Have you considered that you might need a good hard drive cleaner?

Did you know standard Windows file deletion options utilized by your browser do not physically delete the files?  What are deleted are the index records detailing the file’s location and physical properties.  The physical or actual file is still there and ready to be recovered by data recovery software that can be successfully used by both novice and experienced users.  Until the original deleted physical file has been overwritten by another physical file, the original physical file is recoverable.

So what does all this mean to me?  Absolutely nothing if you have not been visiting websites or doing activities that could create a compromising situation if discovered by your employer, spouse or significant other.  Now, if you have been to websites, sent questionable emails or had risqué chat sessions that you shouldn’t have then you are in position to be placed in an embarrassing and compromising situation if discovered by the wrong individual.  Perhaps, you are in this last situation and don’t want to get burned by your computer history and tracks? You would like to confidently delete internet history and clean computer history.

If so, then protect your privacy by using an Internet history eraser or cleaner that insures the removal of Internet and computer history on your personal computer.  Don’t rely on the deletion tools provided by your Internet browser or Windows!  Their shortcomings may be your downfall as you get burned by your computer history creating personal anguish or employment troubles.

Don’t get burned by your computer history.  Get your Internet history eraser software tool, clean your computer and insure your privacy and confidentiality today!